I was chatting with someone and I basically said how I wish there were more queer characters and he basically said that since queer people are such a low percentage of the world he doesn’t really see the point of having more queer characters in shows and books. First of all he’s also gay so I was…

Queer people are a mahooosively small percentage, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t huuuuuge groups of them.

As you’ve said, more or less everyone you hang out with is, and I can’t imagine that adds up to three or less people. It would be unrealistic (depending on setting) to have EVERY character be queer, but you said “more” not “allllllll the people” so DO THAT SHIT!

I’mma do that shit, because even if all a story’s main characters are straight or white or cis or anything like that, that isn’t a reason for the story’s setting and background to just forget that anything else exists.






I think it’s funny when people are surprised that I don’t take their bullshit. I cut my own mother out of my life, what do they expect?


It’s enough to have to deal with your own problems…

*is a friend who prefers to skip the pretext and open with either, “I’m so fucking angry!” or just, “So *insert thing here**

In regards to said first year (not like I totally know who or anything* tell him to piss off unless he actually wants to be a friend. Even then, he needs to mellow the fuck down and learn that sometimes his problems are, a) just that, his, and b) not actually problems.

Also, excellent articulation of a potentially complex area of discussion, guys! People do need to do things both ways with moaning, and also simmer down and only rant about the bigger things. - and they definitely need to cut the guilt trips, grr.



Her dress is beautiful!


I know, right?! I can’t find anything but the ET sneak peak and I want to watch the whole teaser!

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[…] Time is luck. So don’t waste it living someone else’s life, make yours count for something. Fight for what matters to you, no matter what. Because even if you fall short, what better way is there to live? It’s easy feel hopeful on a beautiful day like today. But there will be dark days ahead of us too. There will be days where you feel all alone, and that’s when hope is needed most. No matter how buried it gets, or how lost you feel, you must promise me that you will hold on to hope. Keep it alive. We have to be greater than what we suffer. My wish for you is to become hope. People need that. And even if we fail, what better way is there to live?

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  • baby: d-d-d-d
  • dad: daddy? are you trying to say daddy?
  • baby: d-d-don't you think this meme format is more than a little played out. I am tired of the way that tumblr does not seem to know when to leave well enough alone when it comes to humor online. The more and more I've had to see posts like this the less and less funny they become. And it does not just go for this "baby saying it's first word" post format. I honestly came out to have a good time, spiders georg, and the mere concept of skeletons have all recently been subject to tumblr's strange obsession with rapid desensitization to a meme. The law of diminishing returns practically states that with every new variation on a meme, every time you add something to the already successful formula, it will be less successful, maybe not in note amount, but in post quality. And if we are living in a world where you value your note count more than you value the service you are providing to other bloggers with your insight or jokes, then you are practically a capitalist and is that really what you want? Tumblr, are you really in support of meme capitalism or can we, as a website, try to come together and create something more, something bigger? We can usher in a meme utopia. It is within our grasp. Thank you.




So I was at a thrift store and I see this little cat lamp.


I was like “Aye yo, ya’ll are fuckin’ adorable.”
So I bought the lil’ guy and took him home to plug him in.


Then I was like “No.”

well no wonder why it was in the thrift store

but shit it was 99 cents

This place’s about to blow.


"you can’t ship that, that character has canon interaction with the opposite sex"


what if they took west side story and made a version where it was set in verona in the 1400s and instead of gangs there are two powerful italian families. i just think that would be really cool

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